Vapor Couture VC 6-Flavor Sampler

The Vapor Couture line is an e-cig line just for women. This vapor e-cig combines V2 cigarette technology with designs that are tasteful and also come with very fashionable accessories. The flavor cartridges can be customized where a woman can mix and match any of the “jewel-tipped” rechargeable batteries for the e-cig.

Vapor Couture Coupon CodeVapor Couture 6 Flavor Sampler is a new product. This sampler has multiple strengths of nicotine, six vapor couture flavors and the e-cig comes in a assortment of random shades. The strengths of nicotine that a woman can choose from with this sampler include: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%. The six flavor cartridges that come with this Vapor Couture sampler pack include: Rodeo Drive, Bombshell, Fresh Mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne, and Arctic Mint.

The Rodeo Drive is a regular american tobacco flavor, Bombshell has more of a Turkish flavor, Fresh Mint has a cooler and more refreshing taste, Passion Fruit has a mixture of sweetness and tropical flavor to it, Strawberry Champagne has a sweetness taste, and Artic Mint has a mint flavor taste that is agreeable with any woman that prefers mint (menthol) flavor. All of the Vapor Couture flavor cartridges can be purchased using great discounts from Vapor Couture.

The cartridges comes in four different shades and these colors are able to be mixed and matched with the Vapor Couture batteries. Any style or color shade that a women chooses will match her uniqueness. All of the Vapor Couture batteries have a combination of a strong vapor production and also a slim and efficient anesthetic. All of the batteries are lightweight and are on the thinner side. The color shades that the battery and the cartridge can come in include: deep purple, rose gold, brushed platinum and white signature.

The flavor sampler kit will come with random colors, so the woman is not able to choose what color she would prefer. Each Vapor Couture e-cig comes with a different jewel at the tip of the e-cig. With each puff taken the jewel will light up. Every flavor cartridge is sealed in an air-tight package in order to preserve the freshness of the flavor. There is an expiration date and also a batch number on each flavor cartridge pack. The batch number can be entered online at the Vapor Couture website in order to receive a full detailed report about the product.