How To Play Like A Pro – ABRSM Sight Reading Tips

If you need tips to play sight reading for your piano examination in Singapore like a pro, then check out the following tips. Also make sure to engage a good piano teacher from agencies likeĀ so as to ensure that your piano lessons are productive, and that your teacher is actually good.

  1. Always read slightly ahead, so that you will not be surprised by what you are supposed to play.
  2. Hesitating, stopping and restarting are bad mistakes. If you play the notes wrongly, just keep going on forward. Although it sounds contrary to common sense, do not stop even if you make multiple mistakes. Higher marks are allocated to a good pulse and rhythm rather than accuracy of notes.
  3. Always make sure to check which key the song is in, and whether there is any modulations, as that will likely cause panic if you do not notice it in the beginning.
  4. Always head to the parts of the score which looks most difficult to you during your practice session, and practise that part. This is so that you will have a little bit of heads up for playing the difficult parts of your piano sight reading scores during the actual examination.

Finally, check out the following video for more tips on passing your sight reading ABRSM piano examinations with flying colours!


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