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Research Shows Kids Who Learn Piano Score Better In PSLE And O Levels In Singapore

Did you know that by getting your kid to learn the piano, you may cause your kids to get even better results academically than if you had sent them to multiple tuition sessions per week?

Just one piano lesson per week (which is the norm) is able to stimulate your child’s positive brain development and growth and become more creative and analytical at the same time than his or her peers.

This is because the piano requires independent movement of both hands while the eyes are reading the scores and the ears are listening if he or she played the piano correctly. Additionally, your child’s feet still needs to step on the pedal. Therefore, the movement and coordination of all these separate movements into a beautiful piece of piano song means that your child would need to activate every part of his or her brain while playing a piano song. This increases the amount of grey matter within your kids brain – which is a good thing because it is found that grey matter is directly correlated to the amount of intelligence a person has!

If you are serious about exploring the route of having your child learn the piano, you should read more about this study which shows the hard proof of how learning a musical instrument will boost your child’s IQ.

In fact, by getting your child to learn the piano, you not only boost your child’s scores faster than kids who go to so many tuition sessions, but you also save money! A tuition class costs around $200 to $300 per subject per month. If your child goes for 3 tuition, that is a whopping average of $750 per month! However, if you were to send your child to just a piano lesson instead, you will only need to invest $150 to $350 in your child per month for even better results! This is because playing the piano improves your child’s overall IQ, while sending him or her to tuitions make him or her adept at that subject but street stupid and not really adept at things outside of that subject. As you know, these days to thrive in Singapore, you need overall IQ, not just academic smarts. Therefore, you should invest in piano lessons instead of endless tuition for your children (and trust me, your child WILL thank you for saving them so much time and effort).